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You Can't Love What You Don't Know (Acts 17:22-34)
May 02, 2018 Clyde Christian Bible Church
Are you in the market for amateur theology, mixed with very, very amateur philosophy?! Then you're in the right place! As we examine Paul's speech to the Greek intellectuals in Acts 17, we examine how we too can reach our non-Christian neighbour through a similar commitment to treading lightly with Scripture and utilizing pagan art to illuminate the truth about God. The key to loving someone is to learn about them first. I left much of the excellent discussion from after the sermon (though some was edited out). Also: what I describe as "pantheism" is actually "polytheism" (poly= many, theo= gods). Whoops. And finally, here is a link to the podcast that informed most of my (very amateur) philosophy. -CL [ ]
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